"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."


Albert Einstein

Process Professionals was formed by Damian Pothecary. Drawing on more than two decades of experience in IT sales, services and management to help clients drive every last ounce of value from their available resources.


With experience in sales, service and technical services roles, and carrying both sales and technical accreditations. Damian has worked within direct sales organisations and some of the largest technology manufacturers in the market. A dedicated technical sales professional and presenter, Damian under pins the passion of Process Professionals.


We came to realise that the people available to any project were the key to its success and ultimate value. Process Professionals was formed to build an ecosystem of the best and brightest personalities and help organisations benefit from their talents. Talents that are outside their core skills or resources.


We strive to continually ensure that our access to knowledge and skills grows with the market. We place knowledge and skills ahead of geography or products. Modern business communications and systems removing geographical boundaries. 


Successful relationships have to be rewarding for all parties. Process Professionals are careful to align the right skills to the clients needs. We strive to make sure you're getting the resource you need to compliment the resource you have. Click here to start a discussion about what our skills can do for you.