Edward de Bono

"There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns."

The most repeated phrase we've heard over long experience, from both businesses and customers, is 'we need to be or do something different'. Yet as soon as it comes time to consider a new strategy or find a new solution organisations invariably return to the same actions or processes they have always employed. 


As impartial advisors we have learned that new approaches or methods need fundamental shift in thinking. Often these processes are challenging and uncomfortable, which is why they are avoided. As an outside voice we help to beat these challenges. 


Using the principles such as Design Thinking, and Disruptive Innovation we uncover the real actions needed. By adopting a 'stop talking, get doing' approach we can quickly start new ideas becoming results as well as teaching creative thinking tools that will continue to be valuable. 

Brainstorming: Identifying real challenges, while helpful, only really benefits if its followed by the application of new resolutions. Avoiding the actions and ethos that caused the challenges in the first place.  We bring design thinking techniques to seek new paths to success. 

Challenge identification: Using proven  analysis techniques to identify the needs of a project or process. It may be identifying the real cause of delay or blockers to a market. We may help you find the real causes of user issues, or slow product adoption. Whatever the need our process of challenging knowledge can deliver improved focus to any team. 

Our design thinking processes can be applied to any business need. We have played active roles in Start ups, new market engagements, product positioning, vertical marketing, product development, value propositions, technical projects and many more elements. 


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Challenge identification

Task assignment


Success Measurement

Training: Whether delivering original content developed for the specific audience, event or topic or interpreting client materials for effective delivery to the required audience, we have the skills and experience to make sure your training budgets are leveraged to the maximum benefit. 

Task assignment: One of the most difficult things in a creative process is assigning actions quickly and efficiently. An outside view on resources and requirements will deliver realistic time lines while ensuring maximum value from the team members involved.

Success Measurement: Generating new ideas is a challenging and rewarding task. It can be easy to waste any benefits if the ideas aren’t refined and nurtured. Identifying the key indicators for success is critical to keeping track on any idea, as is honestly measuring against them.